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Why is an Alliance needed?


NMTHA assists with ensuring telehealth program dollars are applied effectively and efficiently through:

  • Clinical coordination

  • Technical coordination

  • Health information technology

  • Administrative Services 

Federal, State, and private funds are spent on telehealth programs with little or no attention to coordination with other programs, efficient reuse of existing resources, and delivering the best level of cost-effective services. Existing and proposed programs create a patchwork of telehealth solutions with overlaps, gaps, and little long-term accountability. No entity coordinates telehealth statewide and ensures that telehealth programs and dollars generate the best possible health benefits for New Mexicans.


How can New Mexico ensure dollars spent on telehealth programs are applied effectively and efficiently?

New Mexico needs an organization to provide the following telehealth-related services:

  • Clinical Coordination: Identifying healthcare delivery needs, finding organizations to deliver healthcare services, monitoring the delivery, and ensuring improved health outcomes.

  • Technical Coordination: Identifying the proper technical solution for healthcare service delivery including equipment evaluation, telecommunications connectivity, reuse of existing resources, scheduling, network management, support, and maintenance.

  • Health Information Technology: Managing information exchange among healthcare providers and ensuring compliance with federal, state, and other standards.

  • Administrative Services: Reimbursement issues, administrative policy and procedures, legislative issues, and general management of the telehealth process.


Every dollar spent on coordination ensures that dollars spent on specific telehealth programs generate the greatest improvement in health across all programs and regions of the State.

Be part of the solution!
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