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Telemed Associations Org.


  • Telemental Health Training

    • Providing healthcare organizations and clinicians with the ethical, legal, technological, and clinical framework for conducting telehealth sessions effectively.

  • Telehealth Trainings

    • The Arizona Telemedicine Training Program and the Southwest Telehealth Resource Center offers 1-day training courses on telemedicine and telehealth.

  • National Consortium of Telehealth Resources

    • Building a telehealth program? Browse through our sampling of resources from our Telehealth Resource Centers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, use our contact form or give us a call, we have an abundance of resources available to share.

  • Weitzman Institute

    • Weitzman ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) provides specialty support for primary care providers seeking to gain expertise in the management of certain complex illnesses and conditions; including COVID-19, MAT, Chronic Pain, and more.

TH trainings

New Mexico: Telehealth Statutes

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New Mexico has one of the most progressive Telehealth Statutes in the US. 

Experts in Telehealth: An Interview Series


A series of brief interviews from local and regional experts who share their experience, insights, and guidance on all things Telehealth.

Satellite Dish

NM Department of Information Technology has answers.

Got Broadband Questions?

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Contact the Office of Sen. Ben Ray Lujan

Telehealth Policy & Advocacy?

Covid resources
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