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Policy & Legislation

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New Mexico:
A Leader in Telehealth Laws

New Mexico has one of the most progressive telehealth statutes in the entire U.S. 


  • Telehealth

NMSA § 13-7-14 "Healthcare Purchasing Act"

NMSA § 59A-22-49.3 "Health Insurance Contracts"

NMSA § 59A-23-7.12 "Group and Blanket Health Insurance Contracts"

NMSA § 59A-46-50.3 "Health Maintenance Organizations"

NMSA § 59A-47-45.3 "Nonprofit Healthcare Plans"

       (see also S.B.354 (2019) "Coverage for Telemedicine Services")

  • Broadband

NMSA § 63-9J-1 thru 63-9J-4​ "The Broadband Access and Expansion Act"

(see also S.B.93 (2021) "Broadband Access and Expansion Act")

New Mexico




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CCHP, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, has been the federally designated National Telehealth Policy Resource Center since 2012. CCHP provides technical assistance to twelve regional Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs), state and federal policy makers, national organizations, health systems, providers, and the public.

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