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Improving digital engagement — patients say, 'Show me you know me'

Beckers Hospital Review

February 1, 2022

Patients are consumers. The best brand experiences, whether online or in person, influence consumers’ expectations about healthcare encounters. Today's patients want the healthcare journey to be user-friendly and tailored to their needs.

Becker's Hospital Review recently spoke with Zak Pines, vice president of partnerships at Formstack, about digital engagement in healthcare and how health systems can use technology to create patient experiences that are safe, accessible and personalized.

'Show me you know me'

Patients expect providers to know them. Mr. Pines recounted a personal experience that illustrates what the patient journey shouldn't look like.

"Not too long ago, I scheduled a minor medical procedure. I received a package of paper forms that I had to fill out by hand and mail back to the hospital," he said. "I didn't put enough postage on the envelope, so it was returned to me. It was a nightmare scenario."

Instead of an impersonal, paper-based process, the ideal would have been web-based forms with much of the information prefilled based on the provider's knowledge of the patient. "The key is that the healthcare organization shows that it knows who I am," Mr. Pines said. "They're cognizant of the information that patients have supplied to them in the past. With that data, it's possible to offer a 'review, verify and update' experience, rather than constantly asking people for the same information in a disconnected way." Read full article here:

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