New Mexico Telehealth Alliance Toolkit

Getting Started with Telemedicine


​From the California Telehealth Resource Center. “The CTRC Program Developer was designed to assist
in developing and implementing telehealth services. This Guide provides overview information on the
process and the activities and information you will collect during each of the development phases. Each of
the steps is designed to allow an organization to consider critical aspects of development and to support
decision making.”

​Learn more about identifying the need for telehealth, finding a vendor, designing the workflow,
implementing and scaling from the American Medical Association.

Telehealth services and payment, roles and responsibilities, licensing and legal requirements, technology,
workflow, and family medicine scenarios. Toolkit from the American Academy of Family Physicians


​Arizona Telemedicine offers a template for consideration of the mutual covenants and agreements for
involved parties.

Other Resources

​Covering Telehealth vs. Telemedicine, ATA and AMA guidelines, startup to sustainability, telehealth
module and outlook, reimbursement guide, Medicaid, Medicare billing, CNM code information and other
resources. This start-up and resource guide was created in partnership between Telligen and gpTRAC,
the GreatPlains Telehealth Resource and Assistance Center. It is intended to provide an overview and
framework for implementing telehealth in critical access hospitals and rural areas. It is also intended to
point the reader to reliable and informative resources for learning about telehealth and the organizations
that support the use of telehealth in various ways.

​This document contains electronic links to reliable sources of information regarding telehealth and telemedicine. Most of the information is directed towards providers who may want to establish a permanent telemedicine program. There are specific documents identified that will be useful in choosing telemedicine vendors, initiating a telemedicine program, monitoring patients remotely, and developing documentation tools.