New Mexico Telehealth Alliance Toolkit

Provider Engagement

General Resources

September 2020, 59:31 

This video aims to help providers understand the process of conducting a telemedicine visit, select the equipment needed to conduct a physical assessment through telemedicine, collect physical data through a videoconferencing session without peripherals, and utilize creative strategies to obtain clinical data. Provided by the University of New Mexico’s Project ECHO is a joint effort with the Center for Telehealth Innovation, Education, & Research; Old Dominion University; and the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center. Audience: Primary care providers.


Study by the American Medical Association on “Physicians’ motivations and requirements for adopting digital health and adoption and attitudinal shifts from 2016 to 2019.” Published February 2020. Audience: Executive leadership.


May, 2020, 17:46 

Discussion of the “Top 5” tips for Managing Expectations and Coping with the Challenges of Transitioning to Telehealth. Speakers are: Nancy Roget, the Executive Director of the Center for the Application of Substance Abuse Technologies at the University of Nevada–Reno and Co-Director of the Mountain Plain ​​Addiction Technology Transfer Center (ATTC) Regional Center, and Paul Warren, a research project director at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, Division of Substance Use Disorders in association with Columbia University and Project Manager for the Northeast and Caribbean ATTC. Audience: Executive leadership and facility directors.