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Updated: Apr 30

A message from our Board Vice-Chair, Stetson Berg, MHA

Welcome to the NM Telehealth Alliance’s blog. Our goal with the blog is to highlight trends and news happening in the world of telehealth including changes to legislation. We invite you to comment and join in the conversation - here and in our community forums. We at NMTHA would like our members to be able to leverage both spaces to advance your telehealth practices.

To jump-start this new blog, Joseph Marler, NMTHA intern, is dedicating his time to investigating changes in rules and regulations around telehealth as well as trends beyond the rise of use. Joseph is a student at the UNM studying Population Health and Political Science and is a former Congressional Legislative Intern in Washington, DC.

We will also encourage members of the NMTHA board to write posts in their areas of expertise. Our diverse board is made up of Payors, Providers, Systems, and Associations that can jump here and within the community forum to help solve telehealth problems you may encounter.

I am Stetson Berg, MHA, and I currently serve as the Interim Director of Telehealth at UNM Health System. I volunteer my time as Vice-Chair of the NMTHA, President of NM Healthcare Executives, and Treasurer for NM Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. I chose to pursue Telehealth as a way I can give back while combining my unique combination of talents of working with others, love of technology, and creativity to lead innovations that meet healthcare’s challenges. I leverage my past experiences working as a provider, Information Technology, and Customer Service to inform this work.

I encourage you to respond to this board post with your own introduction telling others where you work and what led you to the healthcare field.

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