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Best Practices

NCTRC Webinar - Digital Marketing: Best Practices for Direct-to-Consumer Telehealth - July 2020 - 59:09

South Central Telehealth Resource Center


This presentation will help lay the foundation for you to build your digital strategy. Participants will learn how to:

  1. Identify opportunities to reduce friction based on the consumer journey

  2. Discuss highest value marketing channels based on consumer data

  3. Define audience segments and outline conversion goals

Telehealth Best Practices - April 2020 - 4:06

Hawaii State Department of Health Genomics Section


This video will highlight some of the best practices for healthcare providers when using telehealth to provide services.

UMTRC Webinar: Ohio Telehealth Billing & Reimbursement Webinar for Maternal Health - May 2021 - 55:22

OSU and Ohio Department of Health


How maternal health providers in Ohio can integrate telehealth into their clinical practices. Providing a deep dive into telehealth reimbursement for maternal health with an emphasis on Ohio Medicaid.

Maternal and Neonatal Telehealth Program Models, Resources, and Tools - July 2015 - 50:40

University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


  • Explain ways telehealth is currently used in obstetrics and the NICU

  • Examine ways mHealth is impacting care for postpartum women

  • Discuss future uses of telehealth and new telehealth tools for mothers and neonates