Terry Boulanger

Executive Director

Since the early 1990’s Mr. Boulanger has led Technet in introduction of online based services focusing on healthcare, telemedicine and education. He is a recognized leader in these fields and has been responsible for bringing together businesses and organizations necessary to respond to the needs of rural communities.

He is a founding member of the New Mexico Telehealth Alliance and a long-time member of the American Telemedicine Association. He also has worked with the Four Corners Telehealth Consortium, as well as consulted with many organizations nationwide. He is currently the Vice Chair of the Interstate Discussion Group for the ATA.

Mr. Boulanger has a BS degree in Political Science and Marketing from Sacred Heart University and has participated in graduate level programs at MIT and Princeton University. He is also a Babson University Entrepreneurial Fellow. He has worked on many civic and business organizations and boards.

Benjamin Monge

Associate Project Coordinator

Mr. Monge has been working in the fields of telehealth and telemedicine since 2011. He initially started working at the UNM Center for Telehealth creating a comprehensive and all-inclusive database on the healthcare providers using or having telehealth capabilities in the state of New Mexico. He has worked to expand healthcare access and resources to rural communities through telemedicine and helped create intricate networks of healthcare providers. Mr. Monge has also provided advanced technical support and helped distribute and set up equipment for new telehealth programs.

Currently Mr. Monge is working as the Associate Project Coordinator at the New Mexico Telehealth Alliance. He plays a management role in the Southwest Telehealth Access Grid’s FCC Pilot Program and is a key player in the transition into the Healthcare Connect Fund.

Mr. Monge has a BA in Economics with a focus on healthcare which he received upon graduation from The University of New Mexico in 2015. He has worked extensively in multiple healthcare arenas in partnership with UNM Hospital and the UNM Health Sciences Center.

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