Benefits of participating in the HIE includes the following:

  • Improve coordination and integration of care for patients/members
  • Improve quality of health care through appropriate sharing of data among payers, providers and other participants
  • Improve providing a clinical view of the patient that crosses the care continuum
  • Notifying providers/end-users when designated events occur with their patient (e.g., hospital admission and/or discharge, emergency department admission and/or discharge, and new results reports available)
  • Providing healthcare continuity in the event of a disaster
  • Helping providers enhance their ability to evaluate, diagnose, manage, and treat the patient by seeing the most current medical history, recent labs, and test results from wherever the patient received care. This is particularly valuable during times of a medical emergency and when a patient may not know or recall their health information.

Core HIE Services:  

  • NMHIC HIE Clinical Portal with results Viewer – access to patient’s centralized record.
  • Includes Clinical Data Repository, Enterprise Master Patient Index, Privacy & Consent Management, and HIPAA Auditing.
  • Hospitalization Events Notifications - provides notifications when a patient is admitted or discharged, seen in the ED, or when clinical results are available.

  • Optional Services:

  • Direct Secure Messaging – Web based secure messaging embedded in the NMHIC Portal, includes HISP Services (Provider Directory, Certificate management, Verification of Message Delivery). If organizations already have a DSM solution, we are requesting their DSM addresses to include in our directory.
  • Public Health Reporting – NMHIC has been authorized to provide Reportable Lab Results reporting and Syndromic Surveillance reporting to NM Department of Health for hospitals.
  • eHealth Exchange Network Gateway –Access to the eHealth Exchange Network to exchange patient information with other HIEs and federal agencies was recently tested and available (i.e. VA and IHS).
  • Interface Connectivity and Workflow Integration

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