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September 15, 2016




     Saturday; September 17, is Citizenship day (observed tomorrow Sept. 16.) With the movement of all the migrants, refugees, and seekers of a better life, the world is being remade and the ramification of all the changes are profound and will be long lasting. Politics aside, we all have to appreciate the fact that seeking a better life is a fundamental and natural desire of all creatures of God. Just watching the ants and spiders wanting to migrate to the warmth of my house, this time of the year is proof of this desire.
     Although our birthplace may determine our race and certain minor anatomical differences, it should not bind us to a permanent geographical region. After all, if not for man's desire to migrate in search of betterment, we all would still be living in Africa.
     We should remember that much of the scientific, technological, and medical advancement, we are so proud of, was brought here or invented by immigrants. There is an old saying that; "Every man is born twice. First to the parents and family that bore him and second to the people and society he/she chooses to live with." We the people of this planet must share it's resources equally and evenly. Only then, man's true potential for advancement and achievement will propel him forward to new accomplishments.
     Today we have the technological means to share our knowledge and abilities with one another. Tele-education, telemedicine and telehealth are just three tools that can help us reach humanity in need everywhere. Sharing ideology, knowledge, and discoveries with one another will be to the betterment of all. For, we are all citizens of this small planet. [R. G.]


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Of Interest:

   Sept. 12 was the birthday of French scientist Irène Joliot-Curie (1897 – 1956), daughter of Pierre and Marie Curie. In 1935, she and her husband won the Nobel Prize in chemistry, for artificially creating radioactive elements. However, this Induced radioactivity was firstly described in 1924, by the Romanian scientist Ştefania Mărăcineanu (1882 - 1944), but the credit of the discovery was granted to the Curies due to their 1934 works.
     Jean Anthanese Sicard (1872 - 1929), French neurologist and radiologist first used an oily iodine substance to x-ray the spinal canal.


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