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January 14, 2016




   My dogs, this morning woke me from a deep sleep and a forgotten dream. The wild horses were back, nibbling on the alfalfa, I keep for the chickens. Their track in the deep snow reveal the long way they travel through the canyon to reach food and water. Their free spirit is a testament to their survival. In good weather, we can see them roaming and running over the mesas of the Pueblo lands of Santa Domingo and San Felipe.
    “These horses are Godlike, or mystery beings.” a Hidatsa Sioux Indian had once said.
    I believe him, for these free roaming animals are one more reason New Mexico is such a magical place. Their energy and vigor add to the spirit of our land and expose the enchantment our state is known for.
    The diversity of our people too, make this land special. Our Native and Hispanic folks, have a simple, free and yet culturally rich life deserving attention. To preserve this way of life requires that our people stay unhindered by the assault of all the technological advances on them. Still the technology of the twenty-first century encroaches in all directions and divides communities and townships not equipped. So it is up to us to service the needs of our fellow rural citizens while maintaining their dignity. Telehealth and tele-education give us the tools we need to see to this need. We should use it to help our countrymen without allowing it to change their traditional ways.


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Of Interest:

    With the Power ball Lottery exceeding a historic $1 Billion mark, a look at the history of Lottery reveals that it has been in use since 100 BC by the Romans and the Chinese. The word "lottery" is from the Italian word "lotto", meaning destiny or fate.
    Queen Elizabeth I, established the first English state lottery in 1567 and King James I, created a lottery in 1612 to aid the first British colony in America. Interestingly, Anglican churches won two of the three winning tickets of the first drawing.
    In the 1700s Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson were some of our Founding Fathers who sponsored lotteries.


How can TeleHealth help your Practice:


Although The NM Lottery helps our education system, healthcare of our people should not be left to the game of chance. Consider expanding your practice to the rural and underserved areas of our state through TeleHealth.

Ask us how.

Many state laws, including NM, require insurance companies to pay for TeleHealth consultation.



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