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December 17, 2015





Something extraordinary is happening in the world!

In watching the news of all that is happening around us, we may feel that the entire universe is against us. Perhaps the chaos of change is waiting for proper direction. An article by Gustavo Tanaka of Brazil reveals; "Something Extraordinary Is Happening in the World, And Most People Haven't Noticed"
Mr. Tanaka's observation is not unique. Many see opportunities to be seized . We are at a great crossroad in history. But the new road ahead of us has not yet been made or even mapped out. How we plan it, map it, build it, and use it will determine the outcome of our future in everything, healthcare included. So as we take time off to celebrate the wonderful traditions of this time of the year, lets take a quiet few moments to reflect on what is ahead, how to plan for it and how to built it so that it will serve us and humanity positively, productively and effectively.

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Of Interest:     

      George Washington died on December 14, 1799 at the age of 67. Today we know that the result of his death was due to epiglottitis and in a bigger part due to the unorthodox practice of "bloodletting". It was done because that is what people did for the sick in those days. Interestingly, when it became apparent that no safe amount of bloodletting was going to reduce the swelling in his throat to allow him to breathe, one of the attending doctors; Elisha Dick, suggested doing a radical new procedure called a tracheotomy to open the airway (something that likely would have saved his life in combination with ceasing to bleed him), but the technique was so new and information about it so few and unavailable that the other doctors argued against it and stuck to the tried and true medical treatment of bloodletting.
     How do we know all of this today? It was never taught to us in history classes. We know it because of the availability of such information on the internet. As the theme of our today's message is; "Something extraordinary is happening in the world!" This transformation is indeed a new direction for a world in dire need of change. Through our efforts and direction, hopefully it will be in the right direction.


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