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May 19, 2016




     We are in Minneapolis to attend the ATA 2016 annual meeting there. It has been a rewarding and informative trip. Many from around the world came to share their stories, successes, challenges, visions, hopes, and wishes. To see telemedicine and telehealth used to bring healthcare to far corners of our needy world is very rewarding.
     One noteworthy point that becomes very clear and emphasizes the need for our efforts is the universality of the need. From small isolated islands in the South Pacific with small a population to large countries in African deserts and South American jungles with millions, the need is there and it is dire. As the economies of the world gets stretched and environmental challenges increase, the healthcare needs increase. Especially so, for the poor and isolated people. Fortunately new technologies make it possible to bring help to these regions. Meetings, such as the one we just had, reveal these needs and more importantly the solutions to many of them.
     It was rewarding to see so many from near and far attending the conference, not only to show their needs but more so sharing their ideas for solutions and collaboration. We look forward to another year of success stories.


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While at the ATA meeting in Minneapolis, news came to us that



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    While many celebrate the success of Hilary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, it would be good to remember that on May 10, 1872, Victoria Claflin Woodhull became the first woman candidate for president of the United States. Yes in 1872.

    It should also be remembered that Winona LaDuke - an Anishinaabekwe (Ojibwe) native American - has run several times (1996 & 2000) for Vice president on the Green Party ticket.

    Also did you know that we already have had one native American Vice President, Charles Curtis (1929-1933), was Hoover's VP. He was Kaw, Osage and Potawatomi.


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Presently the following vacancies are listed by NM Health Resources for New Mexico:
204 Physicians, 40 Dentists, 71 Advanced Practice Nurses, 5 Pharmacists, 25 Physician Assistants, 12 Psychologists, 58 Nurses, 95 Other various professions, mostly behavioral health related.

There have been many trail blazers in our history, healthcare included. Become a first in your field to reach out to our rural population. Consider expanding your practice to the rural areas of our state through TeleHealth.


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 Many state laws, including NM, require insurance companies to pay for TeleHealth consultation.




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