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March 10, 2016




     Andre Rieu is a world renown conductor/ musician who has been successful because he brings in local and unknown musicians and involves the audience in his performances and makes them happy. Even when he plays sad songs and music.
    In making music happy, even when it's not, one must understand humanity. No one appreciates or wants sorrow. So when facing pain, any relief is welcomed. Even momentary and false ones.
    No place is this more important and necessary than in medicine. Pain is a presence in life that we have to deal with. In the old days, families were close and comforted each other in such times. Today we use medicine such as opioids, marijuana, etc. and when our patients get hooked, we blamed them and accuse them of being drug seekers and addicts. Perhaps we should have helped them deal with their pain in other ways than drugs.
    A friend, once told me that on a trip overseas, he was walking by a river and saw gypsies dancing under a bridge. Joyous, he walked down to join the festivities. Only to find that he had entered a funeral procession. A depression overtook him and he found the contradictory atmosphere of the scene confusing, yet it had a soothing and relaxing quality that reduced the grief of the mourners.
    Today's business of medicine of course is not conducive to such approaches. This is especially true in our rural communities with limited access to healthcare. But telemedicine, telehealth and tele-education can help guide many toward alternatives; such as music, meditation, prayer, dance, physical activity, community involvement and many other useful and safe methods.
    Lets embrace this technology and through it bring hope and help to our citizens near and far.


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 Of Interest: 

    In prehistoric times music, dance and religious practice were important parts of medical procedures.
    During the middle ages, convents taught the ancient knowledge of medicine and music and the Gregorian choral was created.
    The Renaissance became the great time of art, music, and science. With the separation of natural sciences and humanities however, the relationships between music and medicine fell into oblivion. But with the development of neurology, psychiatry and psychoanalysis, physicians and scientists became interested in music again.
    In the 20th century, music therapy was developed and to this day plays an important part in psychotherapy, therapeutic pedagogy and medical care.


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Many state laws, including NM, require insurance companies to pay for TeleHealth consultation.



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