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July 21, 2016




    A year ago the New Mexico TeleHealth Alliance Board members met with President Garrey Carruthers of New Mexico State University and Dr. Oliver Hayes, director of Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, to address the use of telemedicine at the new Burrell College. It is heartwarming to see that this school is established, first class students chosen, faculty and staff hired, and awaiting the start of the first day in August. Our congratulations to Burrell and NMSU on this historic achievement.
     One issue of concern however is that although no public money was used for the development of the new osteopathic school at NMSU, the fact that the school is affiliated with and built on state owned university property gives the impression that it is a state sponsored program, and thus has the same requirements for acceptance as all other state colleges. But in fact it is a private medical school with a hefty tuition that makes it hard for many of our young interested native New Mexicans to afford it. Yet the medical students of this school will be using our medical centers in New Mexico for their studies and internship, and our patient population for their practice and learning.
     Our visit with Dr Hayes and President Carruthers was very encouraging as both were excited about the healthcare programs at NMSU and the future of healthcare, use of telehealth, telemedicine, and prospects of increasing the role of mid-level providers in NM. We hope that considerations are in the works to allow more New Mexicans the opportunity to apply to the Burrell program. Perhaps it should be a requirement that a certain number of students at Burrell College be New Mexicans and a scholarship program established to pay for their way.
     Our state is in dire need of primary care providers, our young people, especially our Native American and Hispanic students should be encouraged and given the opportunity to get into a carrier in healthcare at NMSU and the many other fine schools of higher education in our state. Since they are most likely to remain in New Mexico and care for us.


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 Of Interest:

On July 17 in 1867, Harvard Dental School, the first university-based dental school in the United States opened. Before this time, aspiring dentists went to freestanding trade schools or learned by apprenticeship. The world's first dental training program had been established in Baltimore in 1840, but dentistry wasn't considered a branch of medicine. Harvard presented a new way dentistry was to be practiced.

On July 22 in 1888, biochemist Selman Abraham Waksman, was born in Ukraine. He went on to discover streptomycin, the first effective treatment of tuberculosis.


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