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September 6, 2018




Reza Ghadimi
We wish to thank our readers for their overwhelming support during our transition. What seemed to be a simple conversion, has been a daunting task. Which gives us a fresh appreciation of what technical people go through on a daily basis. When we first started our website, back in the 1990s, all we had to be concern with, was getting the HTML codes right. Today, not only do the codes have to be correct, the site has to be secured, has to be accessible by multiple devices, on multiple platforms and operating systems. Our initial belief was that it all gets done automatically - well yes and no. We thought that all we had to do was to write the content, and the process would take care of itself - well no, not exactly. So none of what we considered to be straight forward, was, and in fact it was not!
An eye opener for this old timer. At times I for one felt totally lost. Reminded me of the time a neighbor's backhoe developed a leak in the hydraulics. We lived way up in the northern part of the state with no technical expertise available except that of our neighbors. And if there was one thing they were all good at, was being expert in all things they knew nothing about. After all, all they had to do was disconnect the doohickey from the whatchamacallit and replace it with a new one, right? Wrong.
The confounded leaking hose was disconnected and the neighbor took it to the dealer in the big city - nearly two hundred miles away and came back with a new one and a whole lot of instructions. Mostly on what Not to do. The next day half dozen heads came together and started screwing and connecting and pumping and filling and whatever else seemed appropriate. I came home just in time to see the finale and watched in amazement as they all stood back proudly while our neighbor started the machine and with the first flexion of the arm, snapped the brand-new hose in half. Pressurized oil and curses went flying all over the countryside. And well you can guess the rest of the story…
Today with the internet, You Tube, Google Search and thousands of advisers, things should be easier. All we have to say is thank God for the young people at the support centers of all these companies whose sales people promise that you can do - whatever you are trying to do - in under one hour.
In medicine too, we have all had to deal with patients who came to us with advise from neighbors, relatives, etc. on how they should be treated and wanting to know why we are not listening to those sage recommendations. Which brings us to the concept of telehealth and telemedicine. Though expert counsel and guidance are available, many false ones float around the ocean of the internet as well. So it behooves us to be weary of what we say and who we say it to. Building a reliable platform for use by colleagues near and far is a lot more complicated than commonly perceived and expected. Best recommendation is to let the real experts do the consulting. Those in university settings or major healthcare institutions. We hope to guide our readers to the true authorities and professionals.
Our new website will be published by this weekend, and a new newsletter will come your way from that website. This is to serve the need and demands of our national and international readership and it will be in addition to the New Mexico Telehealth Alliance website and newsletter. Thank you for your patience and support.


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