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September 21, 2017




    "PASSING OF A STATESMAN" read the Albuquerque Journal's Sept 14th front page headline. No truer statement could be made about New Mexico's great senator, Pete Domenici, who passed away a week ago Wednesday.
     Senator Domenici was a gentlemen's gentleman. A true statesman of extraordinary compassion and talent. A politician for the people. Not many have served their constituents more caringly than he did. Highly respected by all his colleagues from all sides of the political spectrum, he illustrated the real meaning of pragmatism and common sense. We New Mexicans are especially proud that he was our senator in Washington!
     As healthcare providers, of course we remember him best for all the hard work he did in the healthcare field. Especially in the mental health arena. The Mental Health Parity Act bill signed into law in 2008 was championed by him. A true long lasting gift to the most vulnerable among us.
    One of his great attributes was his listening trait. No matter who was talking, he gave them his full attention. I met him once in Washington, as a visiting delegate member of our Medical Board and another time in Albuquerque regarding a bill concerning UNM. On both occasions, I was with a group of people and did not expect him to remember me. He proved me wrong when I ran into him several years later while shopping in Coronado Mall. He was standing inline to pay for a purchase he was making. I approached him to say hello. When he saw me, he smiled and greeted me warmly and when I introduced myself, he said; "Yes, I remember you from your Washington visit, you are with UNM?" I was very surprised that he did, but became even more stunned when he left his place in line to talk to me.
    Whether the concern was about a clinic in Las Cruces, nuclear research in Las Alamos, or Energy Policy of national interest, he presented it with full authority and knowledge. Many politicians present a bill or support an issue without really knowing much about it. They rely on expert witnesses to make their point, giving the impression that they really don't know what they are supporting or are against. Though Senator Domenici had his own experts present, he knew the detail of the issues he was working on, reducing the need of explaining the topic at hand.
     New Mexico has a history of having some very strong and savvy politicians. Senator Pete Domenici shined as one of our best. We will miss you Sir! [ R. G. ]

     Many Challenges face our world today. The United Nations General Assembly is meeting in New York this week. The leaders of every country in the world are here presenting their concerns to the rest of the world. As educated healthcare providers, it behooves us to listen to as many of their concerns as possible, in order to have an understanding of what troubles our world. The presentations are broadcast live on internet. Goto: and you can follow them as they occur or listen to the recorded presentations.


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With an earthquake in Mexico and Hurricane Maria tearing up the Caribbean, our help is much needed. Healthcare professionals wanting to volunteer to help out in the recent disaster areas should know that there are several waiver options for them to get licensed during declared emergencies. To get more information check out the following:
CMS 1135 Waivers
Licensure issues in the event of a disaster
Legal aspects in disaster nursing
The Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA)
Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act (UEVHPA)
In Texas Contact Texas Medical Board
In Florida email
Volunteer with the American Red Cross


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