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May 31, 2018




Reza Ghadimi
Memorial Day

Last Monday was Memorial Day, when we remembered all those who gave their lives to defend our country. Along with commemorating our veterans, many communities have started certain revelries and festivities that have become traditional. One such activity was started back in early 1980s in the resort town of Red River, NM. I was running a small clinic in that town in the late 70s and early 80s and as a Vietnam era veteran myself was happy to witness the beginning of it all.
Following the death of their son, U.S. Marine Corps First Lieutenant Victor David Westphall III, Jeanne and Dr. Victor Westphall decided to build a memorial in his honor and the fifteen men that died with him near Con Thien, South Vietnam on May 22, 1968, and the Vietnam Veterans Peace and Brotherhood Chapel in the mountains north of Angle Fire, New Mexico was erected. The Chapel was dedicated on May 22, 1971, the 3rd anniversary of the death of their son. It was the first major memorial created to honor the veterans of the Vietnam War and inspired the establishment of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C., which was completed over ten years later, in 1982.
In circa 1982, a group of veterans and motorcycle enthusiasts made a pilgrimage to the site to honor their fallen comrades and visit the one of a kind memorial. Since there are no amenities in the immediate vicinity of the memorial, the bikers continued on to the resort town of Red River - about 20 miles deeper in the mountains. Somehow the word got out in that era of no internet and many more made the trip the next year and every year since, so that this Memorial Day event is now attracting thousands of bikers every year to Red River and Angle Fire - about 20,000 attendees was the estimate for this year.
Although I no longer practice and have not done so in Red River for many years, the event brings back many memories. I am happy to report that, the clinic I started in 1979 is still in operation there.
The nearest hospital to Red River is in the Town of Taos, 40 miles away. In those days my consultations were done by a simple phone call and my ability to describe my predicament to a colleague on the other side of the call. Today all is changed as Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Tele-education can provide an accurate description and picture of any potential medical issue. Today the town of Red River is not much bigger than it was then, and tens of thousands of motorcycle riders can challenge the resources of this small community and as is the nature of this group, one can bet that skirmishes will occur and the expertise of whoever is running that clinic will be challenged. But now they can get help from experts in centers much further than Taos.


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Of Interest:

A Memorial Poem
By Sherrie Ball  

I do not know your name ~
Nor for which battle you died.
I do not know your home,
Nor the tears that were cried.

I do not know where you rest
Nor the promises broken.
I do not know your uniform
And your fears lay unspoken.

But, I know your spirit exists ~
That your courage is admired,
And your sacrifice is honored
By each soul that's inspired.

And I offer you from my heart
Thank you, to guardians unknown
For offering yourselves for us all
That we may keep freedom …
Our home.
Bless you


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