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May 17, 2018




Reza Ghadimi

Then and Now

aroma of coffee, tea and tobacco use to fill the air in the coffee and tea houses around the world from Hong Kong to Istanbul to Madrid to San Francisco. Young men, in their tight attire showed the muscled bodies to the passing girls who pretended not to notice - but did.
At times, music escorted the smoke out into the street, teasing passersby to pause and look. It was a carefree life for most of the world. All the young and old cared for was to enjoy their drink and smoke, speak softly and cast a sideways glance at that last beauty that just swayed by.
It was so, till someone in a faraway place decided that he needed more for himself, his country, his religion, his ideology or philosophy.
We need to help restore our world so our young can enjoy a cup of coffee again while checking each other out. Where there is a home for them to return to. At the recent ATA18 meeting in Chicago, it was apparent that many are weary and concerned of the uncertainties facing our world today. The attendance at this meeting was somewhat less than previous ones.
Many reasons were given for it. But I sensed that it had to do more with the political atmosphere surrounding our world. There was a definite feeling of unease in the way people talked in hushed voices, and paused before answering questions. I am old enough to have seen conditions like this before and never did they end well.
But we are healthcare providers and can do our part by ensuring that our care is free of all encumbrances, impediments and prejudices. Ensure that organizations that represent us are a true embodiment of care and caring. Let us be worthy of ourselves, worthy of our patients and worthy of our profession.
Fortunately, Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Tele-education give us tools to reach the needy effectively and safely. Let our message to them be one of hope and compassion. Lets show the world that we care!
NOTE: Earlier this week, New Mexico’s two senators joined others across the country in requesting an increase in the cap for the FCC Rural Healthcare Fund. It must be noted that NM Telehealth Alliance's Executive Director; Terry Boulanger deserves credit for working with our senators in moving this request forward! Thank you Terry!


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Of Interest:

In 1861 the Civil War broke out, and during one of the first engagements of the war, the Battle of Bull Run, the Union suffered a staggering defeat. Clara Barton was a nurse and as she read reports of the battle she realized that the Union Army had not provided for wounded soldiers. She began to ride along in ambulances, providing comfort to wounded soldiers on the front lines.
After the war, she pressed for the creation of a national branch of the Red Cross and convinced the administration that the Red Cross could be used in war and other crises.
The American Red Cross was officially incorporated on May 21, in 1881, with Barton as its president.


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