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March 15, 2018




Reza Ghadimi

The Infinity of a Constant

Yesterday, March 14 was International Pi Day. The mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, approximated as 3.1415926535….. the decimal number goes on forever. Contained within its string of decimals is every number pertaining to man's life, history, nature and cosmos. And if the decimals are converted into letters, you will find every word that ever existed, spoken and written. All the infinite possibilities of words rest within this one simple circle.
In our bodies too, the ratio of our consciousness or psyche to our physical being could be said to have infinite possibilities. Our body goes where the mind tells it to. Our mind works by the demands of our soul/ consciousness/ intellect/ psyche - or whatever we want to call it. Our actions are dictated by our desires, wishes and wants which in turn are based on our intelligence, education, experience, and wisdom. The more of these combinations we use, the better will be the outcome of our deeds. The possibilities of our actions are infinite. The choices we make may depend on the advice of others, on our teaching, or on a variety of outside influences. But the end result is where we end up in our lives and what we have to live with. Limited knowledge leads to limited and fewer choices and actions, wiser decisions produce healthier and happier outcomes.
Healthcare gives us many opportunities to find answers to our medical and mental problems. Modern technology gives us newer and more advanced means of dealing with age old problems. Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Tele-education are keys to many of the new knowledge coming our way. Wise and intelligent approaches lead to better outcomes. There are many options to the constant of man's need and our technology adds to those options. Indeed it is a wonderful time of history we live in and if prudent decisions are made, a bright future will surely be ours.


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Of Interest:

Around 2000 B.C., Babylonians established the constant circle ratio as 3 1/8 or 3.125. The ancient Egyptians arrived at a slightly different value of 3 1/7 or 3.143.
One of the earliest known records of pi was written by an Egyptian scribe named Ahmes (c. 1650 B.C.) on what is now known as the Rhind Papyrus. He was off by less than 1% of the modern approximation of pi (3.141592).
Plato (427-348 B.C.) supposedly obtained for his day a fairly accurate value for pi: √2 + √3 = 3.146.
The father of calculus (meaning "pebble used in counting," from calx or "limestone"), Isaac Newton, calculated pi to at least 16 decimal places.
William Jones (1675-1749) introduced the symbol "π" in the 1706, and it was later popularized by Leonhard Euler (1707-1783) in 1737.
March 14, 1879 was the birthday of Albert Einstein.

From: "50 Interesting Facts about Pi"

A website titled “The Pi-Search Page” finds a person’s birthday and other well known numbers in the digits of pi.


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