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June 29, 2017




    In reading through forums on the ATA and other websites, one question keeps coming up. How should an organization or hospital handle telehealth privileges for it's providers? It seems that suddenly, organizations feel the need to regulate this age old practice. But if we step back and look at the way we have been practicing medicine forever, we see that providers have always used telecommunication and consulted with their patients and one another regarding their care. Even primitive medicine men consulted one another by smoke signals or drum beats; "Child sick, feel hot. What to do?"
     I would argue that, this too is telehealth! We are just carrying this concept into the 21st century technology and exchanging drums for internet. So the idea that we need new regulations to do this is ludicrous.
    It is not healthcare providers who are asking for regulations. It is our legal colleagues and their bean counter friends who …. . But once we start down this road, we will regulate ourselves out of business.
    Here is Dr. Peter Yellowlees, the President of ATA's response to this; "I am concerned about this discussion, and as I have said to Tom offline, do not believe that telemedicine should be privileged in any special way as part of a credentialing process and I have been practicing teemed for many years and have never heard of this occurring previously. All that is happening in the places and ways that Brenda quotes, in my belief, is raising yet another administrative barrier to telemedicine which is the last thing we want. …!!" [ R. G. ]


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Of Interest:

    On June 23 1868, Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for a "Type-Writer that was mass produced. It is amazing that in about 150 years, the typewriter was invented, expanded into a commerce that controlled the business world and completely vanished by the development of the word processor. So many other devices met the same fate; telegraph to today's smart-phones. Steam locomotive to bullet-trains, biplanes to space-shuttle and many others. Many inventions and discoveries in medicine too have changed the way we practice today.
    These past couple of hundred years indeed have changed and continue to revolutionize the history of mankind. In such rapid changes, man must be mindful enough to control the direction, less we progress into an abyss of futility.


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