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February 8, 2018




Reza Ghadimi

The Cusp of Change

     Our world is changing. What comes out of this change will have profound ramifications on tomorrow's world. Historically major changes, as we witness now were done in limited or smaller arenas. Even in major offensives like World Wars I and II, Korea, Vietnam etc. it took days for news from home to reach us in the form of a newspaper or Newsreel. But today our soldiers around the world can witness the news from back home instantly. Even watch their family do the laundry or eat dinner on their smart phones.
    No time in history has mankind witnessed global changes and even participated in it as we do today. Just tonight's news informed us of political upheaval in the Maldives, the coalition agreement reached in Germany's four month old elected government, the new offensive of the Turkish military forces against the Kurds, the unity of the North and South Korean Olympiads, the new government in Liberia, the mass migration of the northern South American population to Brazil, …. etc., etc.
    In no place does change affect the people as it does in healthcare. We - the providers of healthcare should be aware and have a direct input on any changes made to our delivery system. For, after all the arguments are made and rhetoric shouted across the aisles, laws are passed and politicians moved on to other matters, we are still left to implement those changes and care for our patients. And if the new rules create more of a hindrance than help, it will be on our shoulders.
    Fortunately for us, the new communication technology makes it easy to express our opinions and have our voices heard. Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Tele-educational organizations along with other established institutions are usually present at congressional hearings - nationally as well as statewide. But they need to carry our voices with them. The more of us speak up, the louder their voices will be. Please lets stay alert to what is coming our way. Let American Telemedicine Association (ATA), American Medical Association (AMA), other professional organizations, and your state and local chapters hear your concerns. Help them make changes that we can live with. For the benefit of our patients and ourselves!


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Of Interest:

Some historically noteworthy items about the month of February. Although we celebrate Presidents Day in honor of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two other presidents were also born in February; Ronald Reagan on Feb. 6, 1911 and William Henry Harrison on Feb. 9, 1773.
Of the 27 Constitutional Amendments, six of them were ratified in February.
On this day (February 8, 1910), Boy scout of America was established
Birth dates that brought us people who made a profound contribution to our history:
Feb 1 - Hattie Caraway 1878 (the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate), and Hollywood director John Ford 1895.
Feb 3 - Elizabeth Blackwell 1821 (The first female physician in the U.S.), and Norman Rockwell 1894 (American artist and illustrator).
Feb 4 - Charles Lindbergh 1902 (Aviation pioneer).
Feb 6 - Babe Ruth 1895 (Great Baseball player).
Feb 7 - Charles Dickens 1812 (British novelist).
One other historical event; On February 2, 1848 - The war between the U.S. and Mexico ended with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. In exchange for $15 million, the U.S. acquired California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, and Texas. The treaty was ratified on March 10, 1848.


How can TeleHealth help your Practice:

Make a historical change.
Consider expanding your practice
to the rural areas of our state
through TeleHealth.

Ask us how.

Many state laws, including NM,
require insurance companies to
pay for TeleHealth consultation.


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