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December 29, 2016




Learning From the Past, Encouraging the Future 

    We covered many issues in the past year about the need for and use of telehealth, telemedicine and tele-education and how these tools can help with the plight of the under-served and the poor in our rural and urban areas here at home or internationally. From all the changes that have occurred in the last year, it must be appreciated that many of those concerns have been addressed by our legislators, universities, healthcare providers, managed care organizations and the insurance companies.
    Some of our weekly notes and editorials attracted more attention than others. We thought that you may want to revisit some of them:
    Our articles on "The Physics Girl" posted on January 28, "Adopt a clinic" posted on August 11 and 18 received the most attention.
    Two articles on immigrants posted on March 17 (the UN article) and July 7 (a mother and her baby), were read many times. The September 1st article on Mother Theresa and the March 24th one about a woman with asthma in NYC, woke the emotion of many.
    It is clear that we are reaching many of our readers and actions taken by telehealth organizations such as; "NM Telehealth Alliance", "American Telemedicine Association (ATA)", and "UNM's Project Echo" are having positive, constructive, productive and beneficial results.
    Still the coming new year will bring us challenges that need addressing and concerns to keep in perspective and attend to. The new administration, in it's zeal to make drastic changes in budgetary issues, may cut areas important to us healthcare providers. It will be important to point out that Americans can be most productive and resourceful when they are healthy! And that the healthcare industry is one of the largest employers of our population and one that has exported almost non of it's jobs overseas. Thus it needs to be stimulated, nourished, cultivated and not cut or downgraded.
    New Mexico Telehealth Alliance wishes you, your family and your organizations a very happy and resourceful new year.  [ R. G. ]


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Of Interest:

The promise Creator gives us
Comes with every new day,
The gift of breath, the gift of life,
Opportunities in a vast array.
How do we count our blessings,
Through the choices life can bring?
Is it through joyful lessons?
Or the fears to which we cling?
Are we learning to show gratitude,
For the victories over human pain?
By honoring the feeling choices,
We grasp the will we've regained.
Can we change our focus,
With no need to defend?
Acknowledging joy and sorrow,
Without judging foe or friend?
Tomorrow promises the fullness
Of every human way to know:
How we master each challenge
Determines our balance -
reflecting how we grow.

Jamie Sams - "Earth Medicine"


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