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December 14, 2017




Reza Ghadimi

Among the stack of Christmas cards on my desk are many asking for donations for the needy while wishing me happy holidays. What a marvelous contradiction.
Perhaps the reason for such contradiction is that we hear and see so much of it in our daily life that we become numb and indifferent. But the danger here is that our apathy actually feeds the problem. As the world population grows, the gap between the prosperous communities and that of the poor widen and broaden exponentially. With the problems, the need for solutions become ever more dire but grim. Arguments on both sides of this divide seem to justify the position of each group. The trouble is that despite all rationalizations, the consequence and effect on individuals is personal - no matter which side they are on. Two interviews of people who lost their houses in the ongoing wild fires in California, makes my point. An affluent man whose multimillion dollar home burned, as well as a reticent man standing next to the rubles of his modest dwelling said: "I didn't lose my house, I lost my home."
Once one become homeless, whether due to fire, storm, war, politics or prejudice, he/she could become desperate and hopeless. Desperate people may do irrational things.
No other profession has to deal with desperate people more than us in healthcare. However, this is one place that no one should feel rejected, dejected or prejudiced. For those of us who find it hard to deal with the dichotomy of events, we have Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Tele-education to help us care for many from the comfort of our own home and office.
As we all wish for cheers in the coming holy days, many face it in tears. Let us ease their fears, wipe away their tears and add to their cheers. Lets all have a wonderful Christmas season.


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Of Interest:

Statistics on world and US homeless population is vague. It depends on the definition of homelessness, and how they are dealt with.
According to some of the latest available data, Japan is the only country with 0% homeless population, followed by; South Korea at .01%, Switzerland and Hong Kong at .02%, Portugal at .03% and Mexico at .04%.
All other countries are higher with Malawi highest at 80%.
United States homeless population is at .5% with the highest rate in Hawaii (465 per 100,000), followed by New York (399) and California (367). The lowest homeless counts per capita come in Mississippi (81 per 100,000), Indiana (94) and Kansas (94).
New Mexico has 109 homeless people per 100,000.


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Consider expanding your practice
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through TeleHealth.

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Many state laws, including NM,
require insurance companies to
pay for TeleHealth consultation.


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