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July 19, 2018




Reza Ghadimi


  Last weekend, like millions of people around the world, I was glued to the TV, watching the World Cup's final game between France and Croatia. The game was amazing and so was the commercial value of it.
The contagiousness of watching a sport game is universal. Different cultures and nations have their favorites, but the ubiquitous excitement they feel for it is unmistakably similar. Baseball, American Football, the Olympics' national competitions, boxing matches, sumo wrestling and others are a testament to the power of sport's attraction.
Of course, what makes it such a success is the teamwork that goes into it. The entire community or sometimes even the nation contributes to that teamwork. Business and people's participation at the games supports a multi-billion dollar tourism industry of it's own. Why so many people will travel long distances to join others in watching their favorite game is mind boggling.
Traveling through the Baltimore area once, I stopped at a roadside motel to rest for the night, only to be told that they had no vacancy. "Could you tell me where is the nearest hotel with a vacancy?" I asked the proprietor.
"You can try Philadelphia, or Washington!" was the answer.
He laughed at my surprise and said; "Preakness is in town, you are not going to find an empty room anywhere in the Baltimore area this weekend."
"What's Preakness?" I asked clueless.
"The horse races!" he said with astonishment at my ignorance.
I slept in my car in the parking lot of a Highway Howard Johnson that night. I was not alone.
I had a similar experience of sleeping in my car outside of Brands Hatch in Kent, England, during formula car races and a friend tells of the time she and her husband had to camp out in the local park while traveling through Aguascalientes, Mexico, during the Bullfighting competition week. Similarly, an uninformed traveler can expect to use the car as sleeping room the first week of October in Albuquerque, NM, during the Balloon Fiesta.
Now just think how wonderful a world we could have if we got this excited about our healthcare. Even a fraction of the excitement would add to the well being of us all, and with all the technology available to us, it would be at a fraction of the cost of establishing, providing and participating in these national pastimes.
Of course, I realize that it is the competitiveness of sports that make them so exciting and providing healthcare is not a competitive sport. But it does require and demand teamwork. That teamwork could be built upon. Luckily for us, Telehealth, Telemedicine, and Tele-education are great team building tools that can drastically reduce the cost of making our world a healthier place.
The means and resources for such a world are available to us. Unfortunately, the world around us seems to be unraveling at an alarming rate. We may not be able to change it, but as healthcare providers, we can assure that the service we provide is to the best of our ability and telehealth and tele-education are tools that can help our team achieve its goal.


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Of Interest:

Some FIFA Facts

3.2 billion people (almost half of the world’s population) tuned in to watch the 2014 World Cup.
The World Cup has been played 20 times, Brazil holds the most titles with five. Italy and Germany are close behind with four each.
For the first time in the history of soccer, the 2002 World Cup was held in two different countries: South Korea and Japan.
The first World Cup was played in 1930. Uruguay was both the tournament host and winner that year.
The highest scoring game in World Cup history was in 1954, when Austria defeated Switzerland 7-5.
Mexico has the most World Cup losses (25), though they do also have 14 wins and 14 draws.
While 32 teams qualified for the 2018 tournament, the number will jump to 48 in 2026.
The most goals ever scored by one player in a World Cup match is an impressive five, by Oleg Salenko of Russia.
The World Cup winning country is rumored to see a baby boom 9 months after the World Cup. In fact, Hyundai created a commercial based on this fact.


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