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February 11, 2016




   The first call came in at a minute to 2, someone signed in from Arizona. I received an e-mail a couple of minutes after 2 PM, informing me that the conference call was full and that the caller was kicked off. The overwhelming interest and reception for the subject matter is an indication of the importance of it. Of course, I am talking about the Interstate Telehealth Discussion Group monthly conference call we had this past Tuesday.

    There are skeptics and deniers and the curious. Everyone wants the program to solve their problems or answer at least some of the questions about what to do about our dire healthcare crisis.
    The calls and questions are a testament to the very nature of the problem. Our population is growing, aging, retiring, moving and changing. What the changes are, is the single most perplexing issue on everyone's mind. Changes of this magnitude are confusing and scary. They create uncertainty and trepidation. It is therefore important to deal with them rationally and with a definite plan.
    Interstate Telehealth is an issue that will affect all practitioners nationwide. To drive the importance of it home, consider the fact that The Feds, FSMB, ATA, ANA, AMA, and a lot of other state and national public and private agencies are working on it. It therefore behooves us to take the matter very seriously and guide it toward a beneficial, resourceful and coherent set of rules and regulations that will not be a burden to patients and healthcare providers. Hungry healthcare industries are waiting on the sidelines watching this with deep interest. Any uncertainty on our behalf will throw the whole thing in their lap and they will run with it to the detriment of us all. We therefore can not approach this with uncertainty in a wishy washy way. If we let this get away from us, we have no one but ourselves to blame. Lets pay good attention and help each other sincerely and carefully in establishing a solid and beneficial telehealth system for our nation.
    As Yogi Berra said: "We made too many wrong mistakes." Lets not make another! -


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Of Interest

   Hantavirus was first recognized in 1993. It was the Native Americans of New Mexico who knew about it and informed the researchers of CDC.

   As the weather warms in our desert southwest, many rodents come out of their hibernation, bringing diseases such as Hantavirus. plague, and Lyme disease. Our public health officials need our help in recognizing and treating them. Telehealth plays a big role here.



How can TeleHealth help your Practice:

Our rural communities are more susceptible to disease carrying rodents. Yet Medical help for these type of infections are limited in these areas. Consider expanding your practice to the rural areas of our state through TeleHealth.

Ask us how.

Many state laws, including NM, require insurance companies to pay for TeleHealth consultation. 


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