Healthcare Connect Fund

The Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program is the newest component of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Rural Health Care (RHC) Program. Participants in the HCF Program, whether an individual non-profit Health Care Provider (HCP) organization or as a member of a consortium, can receive a 65 percent subsidy for eligible expenses related to broadband connectivity, including network equipment. This also requires a 35% cash match from the HCP. Through access to telemedicine and support of health information exchanges, networks of HCPs can save costs and expand access to health care services. The HCF Program capitalizes on the benefits of these networks by encouraging the formation of state and regional health care consortia while still continuing to allow for individual HCP applicants as well. However, being part of a consortium allows urban centered HCPs to apply and participate.

The New Mexico Telehealth Alliance (NMTHA) serves as the manager of the active consortia, The Southwest Telehealth Access Grid (SWTAG), for all health care providers in the state of New Mexico and region utilizing the HCF. The NMTHA acts as the point organization facilitating the process of entrance, eligibility, and access to funds.

For more information on the Healthcare Connect Fund please contact the New Mexico Telehealth Alliance or visit the Healthcare Connect Fund webpage.

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